Highlighting Changemakers: Ifeoma Chibiko

Briefly introduce yourself. My name is Rev. Sr. Lilian Ifeoma Chibiko. I am a native of Umuekwule Ugwaku in Okigwe local government area of Imo State Nigeria. In 2007 I was sent on mission to Sweden. The mission work lasted till end of 2016 when I decided to come back. I learnt a lot in the mission and that was one of the reasons that made me move back to my country to give back. I was very active in youth work and community work; I have a passion for the youth ministry and community work. Presently, I am the Principal of Mercy Technical High School Nbawsi Isiala Ngwa North LGA Abia State. I engage a lot in community, youth work and climate change awareness.
In 2018, I succeeded in powering 200 households with solar energy. Each family got a solar kit of 3 bulbs and where to charge their phones. This project was a success through support from UNDP. Solar training is done in 3 stages - Production of solar panels using solar cells, silicon gum, angle bar, tempered glass, scrolls, cardbo…

Can stakeholder collaboration help achieve Agenda 2030 for the Chokoyan Community in CHAD?

The UN has identified Africa rural communities as the weak link in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Chokoyan in Eastern Chad is a commmunity facing many of the development issues typical of Sub Saharan Africa (like health, education, food security, basic sanitation, drinking water, electricity, gender equality and employment). The Chadian government is supportive of Agenda 2030 and has committed to implementing the SDGs but efforts to combat terrorism and an oil price drop have had a negative impact on the state budget and has unfortunately hindered its efforts.
In July Association Agir pour le Development Durable, a Chadian volunteer organisation, approached Africa Community Engagement (ACE) to seek advice and practical support to a proposed project to improve health at the Chokoyan health centre. Over the last 3 months the 2 organIsations have jointly developed a strategic action plan in efforts to help implement this. A Social, Technological, Environment, …

Why Africa Community Engagement?

Africa Community Engagement was formed when Judyannet Muchiri, Stephen Machua and Paul Shaw met in Scotland in May 2019. At that time various published UN reports had highlighted communities in Africa were off-track to meet Agenda 2030. With our combined years of experience with the many issues facing sustainable development, especially in Africa rural communities, we thought that it would be beneficial to gather together a network of committed development activists into a forum where personal experiences of issues faced and ways these had been addressed could be shared, in the process becoming a dynamic collaborative learning hub of change makers.

We hope an added value to this hub will be the development of a library of best practice solutions to different Sustainable Development Goal areas to help practitioners in their community work.

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